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It was a pleasure meeting you. In Japi we are eager to start new partnerships with like minded people and companies.

Below find more information about our current areas of interest and ways to contact us. 

Manufacturers, Distributors and Private Label Manufacturers

Our manufacturing facility is located in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America.

From there we are manufacturing 10 MT per month of powder supplements. 

We manufacture and distribute our own brand: MPS Nutrition, the country's fastest growing sport supplement brand.

We also offer our services to other companies for contract manufacturing of sport supplements and other foods in powder.

What we are looking for:

Whey Protein

We are looking for long term partnerships with whey protein manufacturers to ensure supply and better prices. Our needs for this material are growing every month. We can offer commitment to quarterly volumes and easy transactions. We currently buy WPC 80, WPI 90, WPH 90.   

Other raw materials for supplements

Beta-alanine, L-citrulline, BCAA, EAA, creatine, vitamins, minerales, electrolyte premixes, flavors, sleep aid ingredients, innovations in raw materials for supplement category.


We are planning to open retail locations in our country to sell our brand, brands we manufacture for others and other imported brands in the supplement category. We are looking for recognized US brands that are not sold in Guatemala yet.

Francisco Galindo, Founder & CEO


+502 5922 6688

Israel Mazariegos, Project Manager


+502 2393 3260

Luis Mejicano, Co-founder


+502 2393 3260

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